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  • Buy ABDO Trainer Twist Sit Up Bench with Chest Expanders at the best price. Now the ABDO Trainer Twist sit-up bench can help you get tighter, sexier abs in as little as just 5 minutes each day.
  • Just Slim Belt Sauna...

    Price £12.00
    If you're worried about those extra kilos and want to achieve a slimmer, more attractive figure, the Just Slim Belt sauna slimming girdle is the perfect solution! A fast and simple way to help
  • We bring you the latest trend in home fitness and training: the Just Up Gym chest expanders for suspension training. With this suspension training system, you'll be able to develop your strengt
  • This is the product that's revolutionised exercise in America. The Rhythm Gym Exercise System allows you to shape your waist and tone your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and back with energ
  • Using the incredible Abdo King electrical muscle stimulation belt you can easily get the abs you've always dreamt of with little effort! Abdo King works your muscles through electrical muscle s
  • Buy Body Fit Bra Sports Bras (3 pieces) at the best price. Introducing the new Body Fit Bra! The Body Fit Bra is one of the most comfortable sports bras on the market as it doesn't feature thos
  • Fit x Slim is back with the new X-Tra Sauna Body Slimmer sportswear set! This set consists of a top and short sport tights made of multilayered tissue. It's very comfortable and effective to do
  • Abdo ENRG Blast...

    Price £45.00
    Don't miss the Abdo ENRG Blast electrostimulator! If you want to improve blood flow and prevent muscle pain, there's nothing better than this compact electrostimulation device! Comes with 6 mas
  • Abdo ENRG WING...

    Price £16.00
    Would you like to effortlessly tone and strengthen your muscles? With the help of the Abdo ENRG WING electrostimulator you can get  perfect and enviable biceps, glutes, abs, etc! This new syste
  • If you're planning to take a trip or go on an excursion, don't leave home without the practical and handy Partner Adventures silicone solar LED bottle. A waterproof and flexible container, with
  • Practise your favourite sport and stay hydrated with a bottle that will impress everyone. Your friends will get jealous when they see you with the unique Hidralyne silicone bottle for athletes.
  • BTK Boxing Mitt

    Price £6.00
    Enjoy sports such as boxing, kick boxing, etc. with the BTK boxing mitt. It's perfect for training with friends that share the same love for sport. Easy to put on and very resistant. Don't miss
  • Get fit, improve your health, and obtain an enviable figure with the BTK training kit for fitness! This fitness equipment is ideal for getting optimal muscular tonification.www.btksport.comProf
  • Exercise your muscles and get fit with the set of fitness accessories (5 pieces)! Ideal for exercising and getting fit.Includes:Torsion bar (approx. 65 cm)Elastic tensioner (approx. 72 cm)Pogo
  • Enjoy cycling without leaving your mobile phone thanks to the convenient and practical U2·Bike Mobile Phone Case and Mount for Bycicles! This mobile phone case allows to make use of all the fun
  • Elektrainer Blast...

    Price £12.00
    If you like taking care of yourself, you can now exercise and tone your muscles with the revolutionary Elektrainer Blast electro-stimulator patch! Specially designed for the waist, arms and leg
  • Achieve better results as to your physical form with the Walk & Weight hand weights with handles (pack of 2)! They enable you to exercise arm and shoulder muscles with greater intensity while y
  • Take the gym home and get in shape conveniently with the 4x Vertical Climber fitness machine with exercise video! An effective piece of gym equipment to work out your arms, abdominals, glutes,
  • If you like to practise sport, get in shape with InnovaGoods Sport Fitness balance board with workout guide!Made of ABSResistant, light and easy to storeGrips to do push-upsDo cardio exercises
  • If you like adventure sports and exercise, you can now keep properly hydrated with the resistent, practical InnovaGoods Sport Fitness hydration belt! Specially designed for marathosn, running,
  • InnovaGoods Longboard...

    Price £65.00
    We present you the new InnovaGoods Gadget Cool Longboard Skateboard, that has proven to be a real success among skate fans! An extra long skateboard, which is perfect to practice this trendy ur
  • Introducing the new InnovaGoods Wellness Care therapeutic & sports compression band! Ideal for injury prevention in sports practice and for recovery and rehabilitation after various injuries. T
  • Shape up and get the perfect body with the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness Stepper Cardio Twister! Perfect to burn excessive body fat, strengthen your muscles and not only improve your flexibilit
  • Minimize any risks and shape your body with the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness correcting and reducing sports belt! Its reducing function helps to sculpt your body during exercise, while its cor
  • Now you can get in shape without leaving home with the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness cardio twister disc with exercise guide! Very effective to exercise and strengthen body muscles. A comfortab
  • Bring your fitness center home and get fit with the help of the new and pactical InnovaGoods Sport Fitness pedal exerciser! Perfect to exercise arms and legs and improve your cardiovascular act
  • Get in shape with minimal effort with the new and practical InnovaGoods Sport Fitness Buttocks & Legs Fitness Platform with exercise guide! This complete gym equipment is perfect for doing exer
  • Get perfect abs with the new InnovaGoods Sport ElectroGym  electro-trainer abs patch! Thanks to its advanced technology with low frequency signals and its design that has been specifically adap
  • Do sports and go to the gym in the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness sauna sports vest for women! This women's vest is specially designed to heighten the results of physical exercise, as it increas
  • Maximise your physical activity with the new InnovaGoods Sports Fitness sauna sports vest for men! An ideal slimming vest to improve your shape simply and effectively. This vest for men is spec
  • InnovaGoods Muscle...

    Price £12.00
    We present to you the InnovaGoods Fitness Electrogym muscle electrostimulator pulse! Suitable for the stomach, chest, back, lumbar area, knees, elbows, arms (biceps), glutes and legs (calves).M
  • Improve your figure easily with the InnovaGoods Sport sauna effect vibrating belt S! An effective abdominal belt perfect for effortlessly tightening and toning your muscles and with a pleasant
  • InnovaGoods Full Body...

    Price £96.00
    Get in shape with the new InnovaGoods full body pull-up station with exercise guide! Perfect for integral training that lets you perform a wide variety of exercises: pull-ups, squats, sit-ups,
  • Achieve perfect abs effortlessly with the new InnovaGoods Sport Electrogym Extra Large vibrating belt X! A comfortable, fast and simple way to improve your figure. This abdominal belt is very e
  • InnovaGoods Muscle...

    Price £8.00
    Exercise your body effortlessly and achieve an enviable figure with the new InnovaGoods Sport Electrogym muscle electrostimulator tonify - one minute a day equals hours of exercise! This simple
  • Get in shape easily with the new InnovaGoods Sport Electrogym Abdo vibrating belt Q and show off your abs! This abdominal belt is very effective at firming up and toning muscles effortlessly, r
  • Inflatable Airbed and...

    Price £41.00
    If you are passionate about the world of gadgets, InnovaGoods offers you the best and most original new items for the home, car, travel, children, technology, entertainment, etc.! Discover a wi
  • If you're an athlete, discover the advantages of the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness sauna waist training vest - this slimming vest is a simple and effective way to improve your figure! A vest-gi
  • Combat sagging arms and cellulite on the thighs more effectively with the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness sauna-effect arm & thigh wraps (pack of 4)! Ideal for intensifying workout results, provi
  • Get enviable abs with the new InnovaGoods Sport Fitness doorway sit-up bar with exercise guide! A comfortable and practical invention to get fit at home, saving time and money in the gym. Ideal
  • If you like sports or hiking, the new InnovaGoods Gadget Cool collapsible water bottle will come in handy! A very comfortable and practical bottle with its foldable and flexible design, as it c
  • If you play sports at night, the InnovaGoods Gadget Tech LED reflective running vest will come in handy! Ideal for running, cycling, etc., as it facilitates visibility and minimizes risks. It's
  • The original and innovative InnovaGoods Sport Fitness quick-cooling towel is ideal for cooling yourself down easily! Perfect to use any time you feel overwhelmed by heat and sweat: gym, trips,
  • Keep fit and discover the sector's latest new releases to perform sports with the best guarantees! Purchase Sports Strap with Bluetooth 145363 at the best price and enjoy a healthy life!Type: S
  • Sleeves 145125

    Price £4.00
    Keep fit and discover the sector's latest new releases to perform sports with the best guarantees! Purchase Sleeves 145125 at the best price and enjoy a healthy life!Material: PolyesterElastane
  • Alleviate all sorts of aches and pains with the new InnovaGoods Wellness Care acupressure kneepad! Thanks to its effective acupressure system, this knee brace with a pressure point behind the k
  • Air Tone Toning Trainers

    Price £28.00
    Get in shape almost effortlessly with the Air Tone toning trainers! These trainers, with curved soles, are designed for losing weight and shaping the body just by walking. They improve posture
  • BTK Running Shoes

    Price £14.00
    Do you like going running? Do you know about the new technique known as barefoot running? With the BTK running shoes you'll be able to do your favourite sport without the pressure of traditiona
  • Show off and be fashionable with the GlowFlow trainers with LED! Comfort and personal style that won't go unnoticed. LED trainers with an unusual and modern design that should be in your wardro
  • The AirFlow Technology Fit x Slim sports bras (pack of 2) are here for the sporty crowd! Comfortable, soft and flexible. They fit perfectly and provide great support. The innovative AirFlow tec
  • If you love adventure, then your backpack just has to include the original, practical InnovaGoods Gadget Tech Inflatable Solar LED Light! With this LED Light, you won't have to put up with bein
  • If you love adventure, then your backpack just has to include the original, practical InnovaGoods Gadget Tech Inflatable Solar LED Light! With this LED Light, you won't have to put up with bein