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  • The inflatable travel neck pillow is made of a soft and comfortable material, and it perfecty fits the shape of your neck. This neck pillow is ideal to travel comfortably, avoiding neck stiffne
  • InnovaGoods Travel...

    Price £6.00
    Don't go on holiday without InnovaGoods Gadget Travel Relaxation Kit! This kit is the ideal travel buddy, perfect for guaranteeing better comfort and well-being during your time in the car or o
  • Introducing the new InnovaGoods Wellness Care therapeutic & sports compression band! Ideal for injury prevention in sports practice and for recovery and rehabilitation after various injuries. T
  • Bring your fitness center home and get fit with the help of the new and pactical InnovaGoods Sport Fitness pedal exerciser! Perfect to exercise arms and legs and improve your cardiovascular act
  • InnovaGoods TENS Pain...

    Price £55.00
    The new InnovaGoods Wellness Care TENS pain relief machine is the best solution for the relief of pain and tired muscles! Enjoy the multiple benefits of this effective low-frequency electro-sti
  • InnovaGoods Mini Pain...

    Price £12.00
    Discover the advantages and health benefits of the new InnovaGoods Mini Pain Relief Tens! Thanks to bioelectricity, this low frequency electric stimulator is very effective in relieving muscle
  • Improve your figure easily with the InnovaGoods Sport sauna effect vibrating belt S! An effective abdominal belt perfect for effortlessly tightening and toning your muscles and with a pleasant
  • Enjoy a relaxing and revitalising massage in the car, the office or at home with the new InnovaGoods Wellness Relax shiatsu massage seat mat! It is based on the ancient Japanese technique of sh
  • Are you fed up of staining your slippers when you paint your nails? The Memory Foam Pedicure Slippers are the answer. With these convertable slippers, you'll be able to paint your nails in an e
  • If you like to smoke and still haven't decided to quit, the Blove Shark anti-smoking card can help to decrease the harmful effects of smoking, as it reduces the harmful effects the tar containe
  • If you're worried about your physique and you like to look after yourself, the Bright Look electric breast enhancer is the product you're looking for! Its revolutionary system, based on electro
  • Magic Coiffeur Brush

    Price £4.00
    Are you fed up of your hair pulling when you are combing it? With the Magic Coiffeur Brush you can untangle your hair easily and painlessly. This revolutionary brush is designed with a new bris
  • Buy Zen Spa Set (Cushion + Relaxing Pads) | Cold & Heat at the best price. Are you tired and overwhelmed owing to an excess of work and your health is falling apart? The Zen Spa Set is the best
  • Now you can have the hair length you've always wanted with the Mamzelle Ô hair extensions. No need to wait for the hair to grow! Simply place them on the top of your head (like a hairband or a
  • With the Jewel Bedding memory foam pillow with case your hours of sleep and relax will have better quality and comfort! This ergonomic neck pillow is very comfortable and soft with its exclusiv
  • The Depil Pads Set exfoliating pads are great to exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft, and removing hair and dead cells in a comfortable, painless and natural way thanks to their fle
  • Delay aging on your face with the sensational Oxy Care facial rejuvenator! You can use this system based on the benefits of enriched pure oxygen to exfoliate, oxygenate and purify the skin. Oxy
  • Remove calluses and corns with the incredible Mini Pedi Pro Silk callus remover! This foot care device is great for your feet. It's a quick and simple method to always have your feet healthy an
  • Fight foot stress and fatigue with the Relax Foam memory foam slippers! These slippers are very comfortable, soft and warm. Their insoles padded with memory foam reduce pressure and impact when
  • Avoid pain and incorrect postures with the Dr Gem magnetic back support! This posture corrector provides excellent support and includes 12 magnets (400 G) that are strategically located to redu
  • Bright Look Eye Massager

    Price £17.00
    Worried about unsightly bags or dark circles under your eyes? The revolutionary Bright Look eye massager will help to rejuvenate the area around the eyes quickly and easily! Its advanced stimul
  • Style your hair without damaging it and get natural and soft curls with the Magic Brush heated styling brush! This electric brush has two temperature levels, rotatory power cord (360º) and a ri
  • Discover the convenient, practical and effective Shar X Lady electric mini epilator! An easy and fast way to gently remove hair. Its reduced dimensions make it the ideal companion for your trip
  • Don't keep feeling pain when shaving, and experience painless hair removal with the Pearl Power Pro electric hair remover! This effective hair removal method is based on the principles of therm
  • Discover the Depil Pads Adapt exfoliant pad! Its ergonomic applicator with flex-crystal removes dead skin cells, leaving it smoother and more beautiful. Simply massage the skin gently with the
  • At last you'll be able to have a product at home that you mustn't leave out of your manicure product collection, the Nailzel electric nail file. With this electric nail file you'll be able to c
  • If you like showing off a straight look with your hair, get the Brushture electric hair straightener brush from the renowned Divine Hair Magic line now! An electric brush ideal for straightenin
  • If you're worried about the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines on your face, with Oxy·Care Pro anti-aging facial rejuvenator you'll be able to fight them off! An easy and effective met
  • Do your nails at home and save time and money thanks to the Beauty Nail Set 5 nail polisher! A simple and convenient way to polish and gloss your nails with a professional result. Having a mani
  • Take care of your nails without leaving home with the Beauty Nail Set 4 nail polisher! A simple and effective method with which you'll get results of a professional manicure!www.beautynailset.c
  • Combine exercise and relaxation with the Vibro Yoga Roll BTK Massager! Its vibrating massage is very beneficial for the neck, back, waist, hips, thighs and calves. This massage roller can also
  • D·Pulse Pulsed Light...

    Price £99.00
    You can finally enjoy epilation at home with D·Pulse electric pulsed light epilator! Based on the HLP™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology, this epilator is the ultimate solution to weaken and remov
  • Hair Force One Laser...

    Price £31.00
    Get healthier and stronger hair with the Hair Force One Laser Massage Hair Brush! A simple and economical way to strengthen your hair and encourage more hair growth using innovative laser techn
  • Dry+ Hair Brush-Towel

    Price £5.00
    Discover the perfect hair brush for brushing your hair after washing it, the Dry+ hair brush-towel! Thanks to the high absorption capacity of its microfibre bristles (up to 30 % of moisture), i
  • Release the accumulated tension in the cervical muscles and the vertebral column with the Relax Cushion anti-stress neck pillow! A natural relaxation method ideal to combat headaches and pain i
  • If you have problemss with keeping a good posture while sleeping, don´t miss the InnovaGoods Wellness Relax legs & column duo pillow, which will help you to reduce the feeling of discomfort. Th
  • Save time and money with a pedicure at home thanks to InnovaGoods Wellness Care electric callus remover! You can improve the health and appearance of your feet gently, effectively and in total
  • Enjoy a relaxing foot massage with the comfortable and effective InnovaGoods Wellness Relax foot massager! Its fluffy and velvety touch provides a pleasant and warm feeling of well-being.On/off
  • Enjoy warm feet this winter with the InnovaGoods Wellness Relax foot warming slippers! These comfortable house slippers give feet a warm and pleasant sensation of relief and relaxation. They ha
  • Achieve your dream of showing off a firm and flat stomach with InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté slimming patches (Pack of 5)! You only need to stick the patch on the abdominal area, ensuring first t
  • We proudly present a simple, efficient method of home hair removal for men which will save you time and money: InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté epilator-body trimmer with extendable handle! A depila
  • Get rid of the most stubborn impurities on your face with the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté electric facial cleanser for blackheads! An innovative and effective facial cleanser that uses suction
  • If you like to take care of yourself and to keep up with the most recent beauty products in the market, discover the advantages of InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté facial atomizer with power bank! A
  • Introducing InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté vibrating exfoliation and epilation pad, an effective natural and painless exfoliating skin system! It acts on the hair follicles eliminating hair and de
  • Get an enviable figure with the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté anti-cellulite drain massager! An innovative, ergonomic anti-cellulite apparatus has a system of gyrating wheels that can reduce and
  • We're sure that a good massage would do you the world of good whenever you feel you need it! Now you can enjoy the InnovaGoods Wellness Relax cylindrical massaging pillow! A soft, cylindrical c
  • Achieve perfect straight hair quickly and easily with the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté electric hair straightening brush! This quality electric hairbrush is ideal for straightening hair without
  • Introducing the new and effective InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté magnetic slimming rings (pack of 2)! They help to reduce body fat thanks to the effect of their magnets, which stimulate acupunctur
  • Discover the advantages and benefits of InnovaGoods Wellness Care anti-fatigue compression socks and enjoy complete well-being in your feet and legs! These relaxation socks cover feet, ankles a
  • InnovaGoods Wellness Care electric hot water bottle will be extremely useful to warm you up on cold winter days and also to relieve muscle pain! This electric hot water bottle is as soft and co
  • Introducing the practical and effective InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté exfoliation and epilation pads (x10 spare pads)! A hair removal system that removes hair and dead skin cells in a natural, ea
  • The solution to your muscular problems is here with the InnovaGoods Wellness Care self-massage hook! An original and innovative massager in the shape of a hook which is very effective at releas
  • InnovaGoods Electric...

    Price £11.00
    Save time and money and take care of your feet without leaving your home, thanks to the help of the InnovaGoods Wellness Care electric precision callus remover! A quick and simple method to tre
  • If you like to take care of yourself, discover the benefits of the InnovaGoods Wellness Care Stimulating Anti-Cellulite Brush! An innovative and effective body massager brush that helps elimina
  • Don't let Winter catch you unawares, and get the comfortable, soft InnovaGoods Wellness Care Electric Pad for Neck, Shoulders & Back now! This thermal blanket is perfect for applying heat to th
  • This winter, don't be without the handy, comfortable InnovaGoods Wellness Care heated electric pillow. A heating cushion that is perfect for applying heat to different areas of the body, helpin
  • The InnovaGoods electric pad for neck & back is the perfect winter gift!A comfortable and soft thermal pillow, which is perfect for applying heat to the back and neck area. It is perfect for wa
  • Look after yourself, and don't get cold with the InnovaGoods Wellness Care electric pad for lower back! A comfortable and soft thermal pillow, perfect for applying heat to the lumbar area. It's
  • Curl and style your hair with the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté Heated Styling Brush! With this effective styling brush you will achieve a natural and smooth result, without damaging your hair.Ma
  • Take care of the health and look of your feet in an easy and comfortable way, thanks to the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté pedicure set (14 pieces)! A complete and practical pedicure kit that is v