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  • Redenhair Eyelash...

    Price £41.00
    If you're worried about your eyelashes, here is the new Redenhair eyelash regeneration serum! Its advanced formula combines innovative and natural ingredients (such as plant extracts, biotin an
  • Redenhair Forte Hair...

    Price £32.00
    Care for your hair with the Redenhair Forte regenerator serum! This hair loss treatment helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the hair, as well as prevent hair loss. It is made up of active ingred
  • Introducing the Redenhair hair loss food supplement (60 tablets)! Effective hair growth capsules that contain all the vitamins the body needs to stop hair loss. This effective hair treatment is
  • Get the Redenhair hair redensifier spray applicator now! A very handy and practical accessory that optimises and facilitates the application of the Redenhair keratin fiber hair redensifier.Easy
  • If your hair is thinning, get the new and effective Redenhair hair redensifier with keratin fibres! The 100% natural and instant solution to give density and volume to the hair or conceal alope
  • Introducing the Redenhair hair regenerator maintenance serum! A hair regenerator designed to maintain hair volume, reduce hair loss and stimulate constant growth. The combination of natural ing
  • Discover the advantages of the new and unique Redenhair optimising comb! Specially designed to simulate the natural position of the hair and to facilitate the application and distribution of th
  • Dscover the benefits of the Redenhair Pro-regenerative anti hair loss accelerator for your hair! Hydrates, strengthens, stimulates, conditions and gives shine to the hair, preventing breakage a
  • Care for your eyelashes with the new Redenhair redensifying and regenerating eyelash treatment set (2 pieces)! Its natural ingredients help to reactivate and accelerate the growth of eyelashes,
  • Get a more expressive look by showing off long, full and healthy eyelashes thanks to the new Redenhair regenerating eyelash mascara! A revolutionary product that works by reactivating and accel